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Goa Greens – What is your dream?

Situated at the base of the lone Kasainath Hill, with tree-lined avenues and natural gardens, Goa Greens is every dreamer’s paradise.
How? Let me explain…
Have you ever thought about having your own space, your workshop in your family home? Or maybe being in a complex where you can take the family for an outing without being too far from home? Or even just having your own space for a vacation?
It is known that every dreamer has the wish to build something, generally in a space that is their own, where time has no hold. Dreamers also need to be inspired, and sometimes a walk around the neighbourhood is enough, especially if that neighbourhood is 42 acres and close enough to some fantastic spots.


Our developed plots can be used to give you family home, with a workshop to build your dreams. This home can be a design amalgamation of your entire family, to ensure that everybody can have their corner of peace.
The amenities spread across the project, like the 82ft Swimming Pool for those that are like fish in water, the sports fields for the rising stars, and the natural gardens for the budding biologists, are meant to keep the whole family entertained.
The apartments are for your desire of self-vacation and passive income. The apartments are based on a design of smart usage, where the living room can be converted into an extra room for convenience.

Goa Greens is a gated and secured community, to keep your family and your investments safe.
Goa Greens is made for you, and the dreamer within you.

Build your space in our plots, design your life in our apartments and live in Goa Greens.

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How Real Estate Has To Evolve In The Post Covid-19 World

Covid-19 has ravaged the entire world, and killed several economies almost overnight. And although its rampage is not nearly over, we are now living in what is being called ‘the new normal’. It is nothing short of a post-apocalyptic scenario which requires almost everything to start from scratch. The economic crisis has hit a number of sectors, caused mass layoffs, job losses and pay cuts. Therefore, while the previous institutional measures have largely been focused on saving lives, it now must be directed towards saving livelihoods. Among the sectors that have taken the hardest hits is real estate, and it is now trying to find its footing in the new world. But to do so, it must evolve and adapt to the needs of people in the new normal.

A New Hope For Real Estate

This crisis has given the world an opportunity to fix old problems and rebuild the system with significant improvements in place. Like all other sectors, real estate needs major restructuring and incorporating better processes, to make the most of the new opportunities and cushion against the possible new threats. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is to be ready for uncertainty. This applies to both real estate companies and home owners.

  • Increased Demand In Residential Real Estate

The safest places in this pandemic is probably one’s home, where they can make the safety rules and implement their own standards of sanitation, thereby somewhat ensuring health and sanity for all. Therefore, a large section of the population, previously living as tenants, are now wanting to turn homeowners, which presents a brilliant opportunity, and holds promise to stabilise the sector.

  • Promising Investment Option

The global market has weathered an unprecedented blow, with everything from the share market to FOREX crashing and stock prices of even the biggest companies hitting rock bottom. Therefore, in a bid to secure assets better, the investment savvy urban population or NRIs with a big disposable sum are slowly turning to real estate as a better alternative. This could lead to a surge in demands, further making things better for the sector.

  • Getaway Homes

With travelling off-limits and social distancing an unsettling reality, a larger fraction of the urban population is slowly taking to the idea of buying a ‘getaway home’ away from the city, to break the monotony of routine and seek temporary refuge. The demand for villa style homes with resort like feels might spike in the coming days.

Adjustments Needed To Be Made

The new world has given way to new needs among homeowners, and real estate must evolve to accommodate those.

  • Architectural Modifications

Since ‘Work from Home’ has become a norm, living spaces need to be designed more ergonomically, allowing for a better working experience. In most cases, there now have to be provisions for home offices.

  • Spacious Layout

Commercial and office spaces need to be larger with a lay out that allows for team work but while maintaining social distance, privacy and safety. Their area will need to be significantly larger, as a result.

  • Financial Aid

Since this crisis has led to widespread unemployment and pay cuts, there need to be better financial measures in place, so people can buy houses at reduced interests, possibly with a longer payment window.

  • Digital Transformation

Real estate was formerly completely dependent on migrant labourers. However, in light of the recent migrant labour crisis, the sector needs to employ automation functions, to curb the said dependence. Additionally, the selling model also needs to change and be taken digital, so buyers not only view, but experience homes online. Augmented reality and online platforms need to be made more widespread and accessible for all.

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Five Reasons to Own your Home

Having your own space is probably one of the most important milestones in your life, maybe even on your vision board for this year. So, tell me, why are you hesitating?

Is it the daunting task of the actual search? Is it the cost of living in this economy? Is it the paperwork that you think is going to drown you?

If yes, then here are some reasons to get you upbeat and moving on making this dream of yours a reality:

  1. You will finally have the space to do your own thing.
    When you build your own home, you will have or can make room for a small, cozy reading corner, grow a kitchen garden, cook up a barbeque on the weekends, a home office for the work-from-home professional, a study room for the children,a spacious garage or anything else that you have always wanted in a home.
  2. You will be in a locality of your choosing.
    When you select the location of where you choose to live, it will ensure that it suits your personality and your family’s lifestyle needs, while bringing peace and security to your mind. For instance, a man who has to travel frequently for his work would rather have his family stay in a centrally located, gated, and secured residential complex, rather than an out of the way bungalow.
  3. Paying an EMI is better than paying rent.
    Sometimes they both come up to the same amounts.
  4. You will have the most say in the house.
    When you own your home or are building one, you and your family will have the final say as to the planning and designing of it. Everything will be as per the wishes of you and your family.
  5. The cost is only increasing.
    The rate of land never drops, and somehow, even a 20-year-old building if it is prominently located, will not go cheap. You have to remember, that if you see a house you like today, someone has already seen it yesterday. Buying a house, or getting ready to build a new home, is, understandably, an important decision, but if you take too long it will become someone else’s dream home.

Remembering why you want something is one way of not getting consumed by the stress of it and keeps you upbeat.

Now that you have gone through that list, let me tell you some good news. All the above stress-inducing factors of searching, the cost, and the paperwork will be done by us.

At Escala Realty India Pvt Ltd, we consider ourselves a one-stop solution to all your real estate needs. This includes listening to your requirements, your designs, and your plans.

While others will hunt as per their choices and tastes, we look at options through your eyes and match that with your preferred locations.

Our entire team will guide and help you till you have the keys of your own home in your hands.

So, don’t wait, book an appointment with us, so we can help you find your dream home today!

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Escala Realty India Pvt Ltd: Why Choose Us?

Escala Realty India Pvt Ltd can offer you a solution to all your property needs and more.

Years of Expertise

Escala Realty India Pvt Ltd is a company with over 27 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry in Goa. Our Director, Realtor Amit Chopra is one of the reputed Real Estate Consultants in the country. Our Director understands land deals unlike, anyone you have known and is recognized for his creative solutions in the face of challenging obstacles.

Quality Assurance


Every Real Estate Consultant that works for Escala Realty India Pvt Ltd, is trained to identify your requirement and to advise you in the right way forward.


Every Marketing Executive at this company is trained to manage and promote your property to the desired clients.

All of our Consultants and Executives prioritize and deliver options based on what you need and what you want. They will only bring forward choices that have been properly assessed, to ensure that you get the best possible deal.

Our Consultants will be there with you, to guide you, through every stage of the deal.

Market Knowledge

Every Consultant at Escala Realty India Pvt Ltd knows Goa like the back of their hand, making it easier for us to find compatible properties as per your requirement.

It is our involvement with the local community that enables us to generate authentic leads for your property.

Industry Connect

When you choose Escala Realty India Pvt Ltd, you are choosing a member company of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), which adheres to a strict code of ethics, which is based on professionalism and protection of the public.

Director of Escala Realty India Pvt Ltd, Realtor Amit Chopra is the member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Global, a Governing Body Member of NAR – India and the Chairman & Founding member of the Goa Association of Realtors (GAR), which helped organize the Real Estate Industry in the state. Currently, with over 30 member companies, this Association has helped connect many clients with their desired property requirements.

Escala Realty India Pvt Ltd is also registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), which aims to protect the interests of home buyers, promote real estate investments, and amicable resolution of issues.

Project Consultancy

When you choose Escala Realty India Pvt Ltd, you are choosing a team that can help you beyond just Property Management. Our consulting services extend to Building Development, Architectural Planning, and Interior Designing for any construction project.

Our Services are many, but our priority is one: YOU

We aim to get you the best possible matching opportunity and help you in every way we can through every stage of the dealings.