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NGOs holding real estate at ransom

SOURCE :Economic Times

Stating that people without any technical skill are thwarting the work of real estate developers in the state, the chairman of Goa chapter of Indian Institute of Architecture, Manguesh Prabhugaonkar, called upon all stakeholders to “come together and fight them”.

“These people, with no technical knowledge regarding the industry, are simply causing roadblocks and need to be fought. These NGOs are holding the real estate sector at ransom, as a builder has a deadline to complete the project,” Prabhugaonkar said, at the first anniversary celebrations of the Goa Association of Realtors. He added that if all parties came together, “even the government would stop paying attention to the people who stop building projects on environmental reasons”.

He advised realtors and builders to “sell only what is sellable and not to ignore the government regulations”. He said real estate companies are still not employing green designs to their potential.

“Sixty two percent of housing stock is still unoccupied or is used as a second home. . Besides, there is tremendous pressure on the Goan landscape, which needs to be protected,” he said. tnn