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3 Points to Remember when Marketing your Property

So, you’ve finally decided to move into a more accommodating space? And you’ve come here for tips on how to get your current space in and out of the real estate market?
Great! I’m glad we can help you.
Research into all of our dealings, served and unserved, have led us to the conclusion that there are three main points to keep in mind when selling or leasing out your property.


Ask yourself, would you buy a residence where it looks like others are already living there? Or would you feel like you’re intruding on another person’s, another family’s space?
Our recommendation is to not be living there at all when showing it to prospective buyers. The next best recommendation is to keep your space neat, tidy, and as neutral as possible. This can be done by shifting all personal items into storage.
Most owners work with real estate agencies for the very reason that they do not need to go through any hassle during the middle of the day. Real Estate agencies along with handling buyer verification, can also handle the presentation of your space.
Presentation also applies to plots. An overgrown plot can hide the unique selling points of the property. Trees and flowering shrubs are always a plus, but no one likes trekking through a plot to see its view.


Would you pay the same amount for a well-maintained apartment in a rundown building and an apartment in a new building? No.
Would you expect the rate of a Villa to be the same in the main city, its satellite city, and the surrounding village? No.
Would the rate of a plot in the middle of the city be the same as a plot in the outskirts of the city? Probably not.
The Price of any property depends on several factors – Location, Age, Amenities, Maintenance, Society, USP, and most importantly, Demand.
Consulting with a Registered Property Agent for the right price is always a good idea since they have knowledge of the market trends and will be able to guide you better.


No matter in what direction the real estate market is flowing, no property goes off in a matter of days.
For a Real Estate Agency, the time that’s taken for a thorough site inspection, checking of property documents, photo, and video shoots, marketing, multiple site visits, all for your property, with buyer verification, and finally token reception, takes around six months.
If you choose to use the DIY method, just marketing, buyer verification and negotiations will take you about six months.
If even after six months nothing seems to be moving, we re-work our strategy.
To recap – The three points to remember when marketing your property are:
1. Presentation
2. Price and
3. Patience
I hope you have found this post helpful, or if you think we missed something let us know in the comments.

Stay Safe. Stay Home.

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