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Corona Virus Impact on Housing Trends

Housing Trends are constantly changing, generally based on upcoming localities and the income of people. The trend from about a few months ago was small or compact budget apartments within a secured complex. However, with the onset on the Corona Virus Pandemic, and the drastic changes in the lifestyle of many people, we see that the requirement of buyers is beginning to change.

The questions that buyers now ask are more toward the spaciousness of rooms and the health facilities being provided by complexes.

Some pointers to keep in mind about this post-pandemic housing trend:

More Space

Due to the lockdown effected to try and curb the spread of the Virus, and the fact that the children seem to be on an extended vacation, home buyers are now looking for properties that are spacious, so as to allow for the freedom to Work in a room without being disturbed.

Multiple Uses

Can one corner in a room be used as a virtual classroom seat, and a study table? Can this balcony be used as a small workshop? People are now looking to see how they can make use of every corner of their house. Especially since the parents’ work timing may coincide with the child’s classes or the home maker may want to keep an eye on the child as they are attending lectures.

Greater Number of Appliances

With the push for staying at home as much as possible, people are searching for things to do, or are going back to hobbies that they have neglected for so long. This can sometimes lead to multiple gadgets being used in the home at the same time. In small apartments, the number of electrical fittings are limited, and there are only so many extension boards you can use. Thus the requirement for more electrical fittings in the prospective property is one thing you must keep a check on.

Access to Health Facilities

Can an ambulance get through to the complex easily? Is there a proper first aid kit on hand in the complex for emergencies? Health benefits and proximity to medical facilities is another query that may come up.

Proximity to Retail and Essential Services

During a lockdown sometimes the main issue is the procurement of resources to run a house, be it groceries, stationery or even mini electrical appliances. Thus the shift of housing trend towards properties within the vicinity of retail shops, and other facilities is apparent.

The Corona Virus Pandemic has had a massive impact on the economy of the world, but the real estate industry has managed to stay afloat, by shifting to virtual tours of properties, and by keeping most of the interaction and transaction online.

We, at Escala Realty India, have a Sales Team who have always prioritised the client and delivered. Even during this pandemic, to ensure that you do not face any risk, we give you the offer of checking the property virtually, and wherever required site visits are done maintaining social distancing and proper sanitation. No matter the real estate trend, we are always ready to provide options based on what you need and what you want. Escala Realty India will help you find your best match in properties, and will help you right up to the final stage.

All you have to do is… Stay Safe! Stay Home!

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