Porvorim is one of the most connected urban areas in the state of Goa. 

Porvorim, the city without borders, is made up of parts of five Panchayat territories.  

The history of Porvorim is abundantly engaging. In the era of Portuguese rule, there used to be a Post Office in a vaddo called Porvorim. Although this Post Office was small it held crucial importance, as there were no others in the surrounding areas. This post-office became a reference point for the locals.  

20 years ago, Porvorim was a satellite city with residential colonies and a few apartment buildings. But today all your basic requirements and daily needs could be found a stone throw away from where ever you reside in the area. 

Today, there are just two more residential colonies, but exponentially more apartment complexes. Following the increase in commercial activity along the National Highway, especially the biggest mall in Goa, Porvorim has left its satellite city tag and turned into one of the major hubs of Goa. 

No matter where you’re heading in Goa or where you finally plan to settle down, you are bound to come across Porvorim once in a while.