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Goa Greens – What is your dream?

Situated at the base of the lone Kasainath Hill, with tree-lined avenues and natural gardens, Goa Greens is every dreamer’s paradise.
How? Let me explain…
Have you ever thought about having your own space, your workshop in your family home? Or maybe being in a complex where you can take the family for an outing without being too far from home? Or even just having your own space for a vacation?
It is known that every dreamer has the wish to build something, generally in a space that is their own, where time has no hold. Dreamers also need to be inspired, and sometimes a walk around the neighbourhood is enough, especially if that neighbourhood is 42 acres and close enough to some fantastic spots.


Our developed plots can be used to give you family home, with a workshop to build your dreams. This home can be a design amalgamation of your entire family, to ensure that everybody can have their corner of peace.
The amenities spread across the project, like the 82ft Swimming Pool for those that are like fish in water, the sports fields for the rising stars, and the natural gardens for the budding biologists, are meant to keep the whole family entertained.
The apartments are for your desire of self-vacation and passive income. The apartments are based on a design of smart usage, where the living room can be converted into an extra room for convenience.

Goa Greens is a gated and secured community, to keep your family and your investments safe.
Goa Greens is made for you, and the dreamer within you.

Build your space in our plots, design your life in our apartments and live in Goa Greens.