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Five Reasons to Own your Home

Having your own space is probably one of the most important milestones in your life, maybe even on your vision board for this year. So, tell me, why are you hesitating?

Is it the daunting task of the actual search? Is it the cost of living in this economy? Is it the paperwork that you think is going to drown you?

If yes, then here are some reasons to get you upbeat and moving on making this dream of yours a reality:

  1. You will finally have the space to do your own thing.
    When you build your own home, you will have or can make room for a small, cozy reading corner, grow a kitchen garden, cook up a barbeque on the weekends, a home office for the work-from-home professional, a study room for the children,a spacious garage or anything else that you have always wanted in a home.
  2. You will be in a locality of your choosing.
    When you select the location of where you choose to live, it will ensure that it suits your personality and your family’s lifestyle needs, while bringing peace and security to your mind. For instance, a man who has to travel frequently for his work would rather have his family stay in a centrally located, gated, and secured residential complex, rather than an out of the way bungalow.
  3. Paying an EMI is better than paying rent.
    Sometimes they both come up to the same amounts.
  4. You will have the most say in the house.
    When you own your home or are building one, you and your family will have the final say as to the planning and designing of it. Everything will be as per the wishes of you and your family.
  5. The cost is only increasing.
    The rate of land never drops, and somehow, even a 20-year-old building if it is prominently located, will not go cheap. You have to remember, that if you see a house you like today, someone has already seen it yesterday. Buying a house, or getting ready to build a new home, is, understandably, an important decision, but if you take too long it will become someone else’s dream home.

Remembering why you want something is one way of not getting consumed by the stress of it and keeps you upbeat.

Now that you have gone through that list, let me tell you some good news. All the above stress-inducing factors of searching, the cost, and the paperwork will be done by us.

At Escala Realty India Pvt Ltd, we consider ourselves a one-stop solution to all your real estate needs. This includes listening to your requirements, your designs, and your plans.

While others will hunt as per their choices and tastes, we look at options through your eyes and match that with your preferred locations.

Our entire team will guide and help you till you have the keys of your own home in your hands.

So, don’t wait, book an appointment with us, so we can help you find your dream home today!